A peek in your closet

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IKEA wall mounted storage system

Closet space.

Most of us don’t have enough of it – for all our clothes, shoes and accessories.

So you can imagine how important it is, when it comes to buying/selling a home.

Here are some tips.

Cluttered and crammed.

If your closet is cluttered and crammed, it shows potential buyers that if it is not big enough for you – it won’t be big enough for them.

Make sure you can actually “walk-in” to your walk-in closets.

Organize! You want people to get excited about potentially living in your home.

Get all the same hangers – sounds trivial but it makes a huge difference.

Organize your clothing by style and color.

Make sure the floors are clear – if you have shoes store them on shoe racks. You don’t have to spend a lot of money – the idea is to make them look organized and tidy.

Get familiar with the three B’s: bins, baskets and boxes

If you have belts, hats, socks – anything in your closet that can’t be hung – take a trip to the dollar store and buy some storage containers.